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Bruce 2nd 2005〜
about us
Welcome to 「Bruce」.
Since 1993 we have been creating 'people' , which is Human-Shaped stationary case. Our current shop on the main street of Arashiyama is named, 'Bruce 2nd' as it is the 2nd shop we opened in this area.

Bruce says,
---  '' I have an idea, which stays in my mind for long years. That is about the textiles.
Every textile has each personality similar to the process that we, human being also go thorough to form our own characteristics as we experience and learn from this world.

Also, this feeling has been growing bigger inside of me as always handle the fabric materials at my work.
One day a request was given by one of my friends, which was to create something using the material that was produced by that friend's textile company.
When the first ‘people’was born from my hands that was for a Birthday gift to him, I noticed that my successful creation was the best way to express his unique taste, personality and life of his own.

That was ‘the moment’ my original idea was made into the shape, which is our stationery case, ‘people’. ''


bruce was originally planning to develop his profession in car industry (designing) since his teen.

"However, while I majored in dynamics of automobile designing at university I realized that, " Automobiles should be just one of the consumer electrical appliances in the future.'' I knew people seek for more comfortable life, also we would consider further sustainable energy for our environment...

As a motorbike rider I could not accept for my precious cars to be just the vehicles that runs by electronic.

It was the time to stop following my dream of my own automobile brand, and I started exploring the textile world."

Slightly direction for his creations is modified and by 1970’s his interests made him explore in the worlds of Theatre directing, Interior Designing, Silk Screening and producing the original bags and fashion wares.
Also, since 1990’s he added his careers as a creator of the Commercial Ads. / a designer for the filming costumes.


First Bruce started selling his ‘people’ through the outsourced dealers, however soon he finds that the best way to reach ‘people’ to the people would be himself to communicate directly with his own clients at his shop.
That was the reason why he refurbished the workshop into the little display shop in 1994.

bruce:  This is the real name of the designer, Bruce Lee Torizawa who was bone in Kyoto from the parents of Japanese and American.

You might already noticed that the name of the shop is ‘Bruce’ and the name of the shop owner: a creator of our products, ‘people’ is also ‘bruce’.
The owner wished to name his own business in the most unique way, that was the result of the name of this shop.


There are two categories for ‘people’, which are COLLABO and PRODUCT.

About people's COLLABO Series

PRODUCT started in 1993 (as seen above) and the numbers of the sawing materials, which he used to create ‘people’ reaches over 6000.

Currently Bruce would like to focus onto his production and spends most of his time at his workshop.
‘people’ have appeared on TV programs and the magazines of about 20 kinds in the past. You night have seen them somewhere in media.

Bruce 2nd  
Bruce Lee Torizawa
Bruce代表 Bruce Lee Torizawa