Bruce 2nd
Bruce 2nd is originally a traditional Kyoto style residential dwelling, called Kyo-Machiya from 1920's.

The black shiny tiles for exterior were designed and custom-made by Bruce. The iron window frame in the revolution shaft style is built by his friend, an iron artisan. Those gives you the impression of the early Showa Era, a style called, 'RETORO-Modan' in Japanese.

The house is estimated at least 85 years old as we found the newpapers from 1927 while its renovation work. The renovation work started in 2005 by Bruce and the staff of his shop, The main constraction works like the replacement of the pillars were done with the support of the professional builders.

The front space of the shop is for the display area, the rear space is built for the workshop. A loft style additional floor is built in the half rear. Also nicelly aged thick beams can be seen through the high ceiling that welcome you to this house just as the comfortable residential dwelling. We hope you enjoy the atmosphere Bruce created.

Our Products

All of our products, human-shaped stationery case,「people」and the little human-shaped accessories,「mini」are put together and born at our workshop, where is just behind the showroom.
All the process of sketching, designing, printing, colouring (fixing) and sawing are done at our workshop. Our own printer and the colouring method made it possible to create our precious 'originally-designed cloth materials'.
You might be dwawn into the enjoyable hand-made toybox atmosphere of our shop.

Access to Our Shop

-- By Train
JR(Sanin-line) From KYOTO Station, At Saga Arashiyama Station, 5mins walk to West
Hankyu line  Catch Arashiyama-line for Arashiyama Station (Via Katsura Station), 20 mins walk to North
Keifuku line   Catch Arashiyama-line (From Shijo-Ohmiya Station) for Arashiyama Station, 3mins walk to North

-- By Car
Off at Meishin-Minami IC, 14kms to North-West (approx. 40 mins)
Off at meishin-Ohyamazaki IC, 17km to North (approx. 35mins)
No Parking space we are able to provide. Please use the coin Parking facilities near the shop area.

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ZIP Code 616-8374
50-3 Kita-Tsukurimichi-Cho, Saga Tenryu-Ji, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto Japan

Tel and Fax : +75-881-6966

Business Hours

Our shop have been welcoming you everyday since our open in 1993.

Open Hours:
10:00 - 18:00pm (Seven Days)